Finalists of this year's Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2022 Meet with the Judges

This year's grand finale will be broadcast on Saturday, December 3, at 8:55 p.m. on Fairchild TV 1. The panel of judges will select the Champion and the winners of various awards, including the "Beauty Court Glowing Attraction Award", "Lukfook Jewellery Miss Photogenic", "3 Fish Healthy Charm Award", "Brian Jessel BMW Outstanding Intelligence Award", and “Oakridge Park Outstanding Talent Award”. The finalists met with the judges earlier, including UBC Division of Neurology Professor Dr. Robin Hsiung; renowned conductor Mr. Jack Zhang; Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant Champion Ms. Gloria Tang; Miss Hong Kong Pageant Champion Ms. Kayi Cheung and media specialist Ms. Ivy Chau. The judges were truly impressed by the unique beauty of each young lady. Let’s look forward to seeing who will be crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver this year!