Yi Yi Wang Crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver 2022

After returning to the grand stage last year, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant resumed as a spectacular charity gala in 2022.While generous donors, families and friends of the contestants were on site to cheer for them, audiences and the girls were drawn closer together. Proceeds from the fund-raising initiative will benefit the Alzheimer Society of BC, which serves the Chinese community by providing education, information, research and support to patients and families. The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2022 has brought firm belief and endless hope for eight courageous and gorgeous young ladies to realize their dreams at this dazzling annual extravaganza. The profound meaning of the theme "Reignite" symbolizes a re-embankment of a whole new journey after the pandemic. This theme was manifested throughout the grand finale as it reignited the emotional intensity of all participating units onstage and behind the scenes.


The two charismatic emcees, Brian Chiu, and Fred Liu partnered excellently together while they boosted up the vibe in the entire venue with endless fun and wits. Fairchild Television was honored to invite UBC Division of Neurology Professor Dr. Robin Hsiung, renowned conductor Mr. Jack Zhang, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant Champion Ms. Gloria Tang and media specialist Ms. Ivy Chau to form a panel of judges to nominate the champion and winners of various awards this year.


Following the surprise entrance of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2021 Cindy Wu, the Top 8 at Canada's Got Talent, hip-hop dance group GRVMNT, led this year's finalists onto the stage with vigorous beats and dexterous dance steps. The girls shared their dreams and passions in patchwork outfitsmade of eco-friendly materials. This powerful performance and fashionable appearance highlighted the essence of "Re-start".


After an electrifying opening, the girls immediately transformed their images to show their multi-talents. How Jeffrey, a guy with early onset of Alzheimer, was inspired by the contestants to bravely confront himself? The touching story incorporating a variety of dynamic performances put their extraordinary talents on display. From musical instruments such as singing, Pipa, and Guzheng to compelling acts like dancing, Pilates, boxing, and a marriage of ventriloquism with rap, eight girls miraculous conjured up more than ten different pieces, triggering excitement and thunderous applause from the audiences.


The finalists then appeared fresh and young in their swimsuits with irresistible charm ready for the Q&A segment. All tough questions were answered with extreme confidence and no hesitation! Consistent with the theme, questions posed to previous MCVP winners were re-designed to test the newcomers. While Gloria directed her own question once again to current contestant in-person, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2011, Erica Tsui, and Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003, Linda Chung communicated with them through video and phone calls.


The World Cup reconnects different countries and players around the globe quadrennially. As the tournament is in full swing, the MCV’s were thrilled to be part of the joyful atmosphere in colourful jerseys that represented each country's respect for the sport and the players' perseverance. Audiences all joined in to celebrate the sports fiesta through this vibrant dance!


After all competing segments had ended, the highly anticipated special guest performer, Sukie S graced the stage with elegance and poise. Sukie has twice won the IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award for Ten Best Sales Releases (Cantonese) and Ten Best Sales Local Artistes. Sukie also won the Best Microfilm Actress Golden Award. Emerged in a celestial evening gown, the contestants welcome Sukie with brisk dance moves. Sukie brought forth the very personal Rainy-Day Sukie’s Day, classics Five Easy Pieces and Silent Love to share with the fans, using her remarkable voice to "reconnect" with everyone. All attending guests were moved by the long-lost sense of live sensation!


After careful deliberation by the panel of judges, the Organizing Committee is proud to unveil the results of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2022. The award winners are as follows:

1st Runner-Up: No. 5, Renee Jan
2nd Runner-Up: No. 8, Nicole Tanner
Lukfook Jewellery Miss Photogenic: No. 5, Renee Jan
3 Fish Healthy Charm Award: No. 3, Yannie Lo
Brian Jessel BMW Outstanding Intelligence Award: No. 7, Yi Yi Wang
Oakridge Park Outstanding Talent Award: No. 8, Nicole Tanner
Beauty Court Glowing Attraction Award: No. 7, Yi Yi Wang

Congratulations to Yi Yi Wang on her success. We look forward to seeing Yi Yi continue the MCVP legacy by spreading love in the community. Let’s re-ignite our passion to create a magnificent stage where our dreams will come true!