Yi Yi Wang

Age: 19

Education: University - Major in International Relations

Occupation: Student / Dance Instructor

Dreams: 成為女演員、人權活動家

The most beautiful object or incident in the world to you
The most beautiful thing in the world is authenticity. It is achieved by staying true to yourself and respecting everything that is around me. Although it is difficult to make peace with every aspect of my body and mind, authenticity reminds me to always be kind and strive to be a better person while acting like myself. I believe there are no duplicates in the world; loving others as they are and being true to yourself are the best strategies to become the most beautiful.

Reasons for joining the Pageant
I joined the Pageant because I had been a fan of the show since I came to Vancouver as a child. The training process drew me in; it turns every girl into confident and beautiful young women on stage! I was also very envious of the lifelong friendships between the girls in the Pageant. It would be an honour to meet like-minded girls to share conversations with. Therefore, I want to join the Pageant to be more confident and meet more people, which will, in turn, prepare me for a successful career in the future.